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Town of Somers Revaluation to begin 2/10/2014


The Town of Somers would like to remind everyone that beginning 2/10/2014, Vision Government Solutions will be starting the revaluation process for all properties in Town. All data collectors working on this project for the Town will be wearing an identification badge and have written documentation from the Town signed by Pat Juda, the Assessor and Lisa Pellegrini, the First Selectman. Homeowners are encouraged to ask for such identification prior to admitting anyone into their home for an interior inspection. If you have any questions, please see the Town of Somers Homepage or call the Assessors' Office at 860-763-8202.




Assessor Records Available On-Line


 The Assessor's primary objective is to ensure that all taxable property located within the Town of Somers is assessed in accordance with applicable law so that every property owner shares an appropriate share of the total property tax burden.  




Current Mil Rate:  23.37 Effective July 01, 2013


2013 Farm Machinery Exemption Application

2013 Mfg Mach Equipment Exempt Application Itemized List

2013 Mfg Mach Equipment Exemption Application

2013 Personal Property Declaration - Short Form

2013 Personal Property Declaration - Full


2013 Board of Assessors Meeting Schedule


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The Assessor's department is aligned with the Finance Department




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