Town Charter, Regulations & Ordinances


Town of Somers Charter 2015

Town of Somers Charter Revisions Adopted November, 2013



Inland Wetlands and Watercourses

         Citation Procedures and Fines for Inland Wetlands Violations

Subdivision of Land

        Open Space map

        Topography Map


        Zoning Map



Administrative Legislation

Budget and Finance

        Annual Budget Vote

        Local Scholarship Fund

Building Board of Appeals

Capital Region Planning Agency

Conservation Commission

Cultural Commission

Economic Development Commission

        Economic Development Amendment

Code of Ethics

Flood and Erosion Control Board

Justices of the Peace

Planning Commission

        Alternate Members

Town of Somers Property

        Exemption of Zoning and Subdivision Regulations

Scenic Roads Designation

School Board

Central Connecticut Solid Waste Authority

Special Project Committee

        Special Project Committee Amendment

Water Pollution Control Authority


         Sewer use Charge System

General Legislation

Adult Oriented Establishments

Alcoholic Beverages

Building Construction

Number of Buildings



        Subdivision Applications

        Delinquent Motor Vehicle Tax Fee

        Fees for Permits from Building Official and Fire Marshal

        Fees for Significant Land Use Applications and Affordable Housing Applications


Soil Erosion and Sediment Control

Solid Waste

Streets and Sidewalks

        Snow and Ice Removal


        Ambulance Type Vehicles

        Blind Persons

        Denial of Permits, Town Contracts and Vendor Payments for Delinquent Taxes

        Tax Refunds

         Payment of Motor Vehicle Taxes in Installments

         Local Tax Relief Program

         Tax Exemption for Property Leased to Charitable Religious or Nonprofit Organizations

         Tax Abatement for Low or Moderate Income Persons

         Tax Abatement for Members of Volunteer Canine Search and Rescue Teams

         Tax Exemption for Farm Buildings and Machinery

Vehicles Abandoned

Vehicles and Traffic

       Operation of Motor Vehicles


Vendors, Hawkers and Peddlers

Vending and Sidewalk, Tag and Auction Sales


       Water Main Extensions

       Fire Fighting Water Supply

       Testing of Water Quality in New Private Water Supply Systems