Tax Collector, Town of Somers


Hours: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM, Thursday 8:00 AM - 6:30 PM, CLOSED Fridays


Office Location:

Town Hall

600 Main Street

Somers, CT 06071


Mailing Address:

PO Box 235

Somers, CT 06071


Remittance Address (current tax payments for July & January only)

Town of Somers

Dept. 324

PO Box 150505

Hartford, CT 06115-0505


Phone: (860)763-8210

Fax: (860)763-8223



Sherri Czyz, Tax Collector


Marie Caron, Tax Clerk











Town of Somers Residents may now review their individual tax payment history, current taxes due, or print their bill on-line. Click on the 'Quick Link' above identified as 'Pay Taxes'. Follow instructions to obtain information.   


Our new remittance address is:                          Town of Somers

                                                                                Department 324

                                                                                PO Box 150505

                                                                                Hartford, CT 06115-0505


Our lockbox service is designed to increase payment and posting accuracy and improve cash flow by reducing processing time between delivery of mail and depositing of payments.  A courtesy reply envelope is included with your tax bill if you are mailing your tax payment.


Our lockbox service will only process current tax payments.  Payments made after the 30 day grace period must be mailed to: TOWN OF SOMERS, PO BOX 235, SOMERS, CT 06071




In Office Credit Card Payments:   VISA, MasterCard and Discover Cards.  There is a 2.5% convenience fee charged to you from the credit card companies when card is swiped.  Minimum interest charge of $3.00.


In Person:   We accept money orders, bank checks,  personal checks  (except for delinquent motor vehicle taxes),  major credit cards, and cash.  Return Check fee is $20.00


By Mail:   Please make checks payable to: Tax Collector, Town of Somers;  Department 324, P.O Box 150505, Hartford,  CT 06115-0505.


Online Payments:   Pay here at the town's website  This method will be available year round and is live fed.

Please follow the instructions carefully.  You may use a Credit Card, Debit Card or E-Check.  There is a user fee associated with this process. The fee structure is as follows:

Credit Card Payments: 3% of the total  

Debit Card Payments: $3.00

E-check Payments: .50 cents

Returned E-Check Fee: 5.00


Please note: The only time that the DMV notifies us of a change in the status of your motor vehicle is when you transfer a plate from one vehicle to another. In all other cases, you must bring documentation in to Pat Juda, Assessor in order to adjust your bill.  The date must appear on the document that this change occured in order to credit your account properly. All changes will occur immediately upon receipt of this information and a refund form or adjusted bill will be created.  You may also fax this information to Pat Juda at 860-763-8228 or email it to her at: pjuda  



July 1

Real Estate tax 1st installment; Personal Property tax in full; Motor Vehicle tax 1st installment *

Oct 1

WPCA Sewer tax in full

Jan 1

Real Estate tax 2nd installment; Motor Vehicle tax 2nd installment; Motor Vehicle Supplemental tax in full, only if applicable.

*Motor Vehicle tax bills over $250.00 have two installments.


Town of Somers Current Mil Rate:  23.37 effective July 01, 2015



Tax Sale Information

For general information on tax sales, Tax Sale info: How & Why a Tax Sale is Scheduled


Town of Somers Criteria For The Sale of a Real Estate Property by Tax Sale:     Two(2) years delinquency on Real Estate Taxes and/or Sewer Taxes (includes payment plans which are in default).  If the property has already been in a Tax Sale, one(1) day delinquency will constitute enough reason to include it in the next sale.


Commercial Real Estate, Rental, and Investment properties shall be included on the list for a Tax Sale with delinquencies of taxes, fees and/or WPCA charges on the 1st day of the sixth month that these bills became due.


The Tax Collector's function is to enforce the collection of all taxes imposed by the Town of Somers, ( Real Estate, Personal Property, and Motor Vehicle) by utilizing all collection tools available to the Tax Office under state statutes and local ordinances, while maintaining a customer friendly office devoted to serving the public. 



WPCA Payments are now accepted in the Somers Tax Office.


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