2018 State-Special Election – November 6

Absentee Ballots

Absentee Ballots officially become available on October 5th. However, Town Offices are closed on Friday and Monday is a legal holiday. Therefore, Absentee Ballots will be mailed and available to anyone coming into the office on Tuesday, October 9th. An application for a ballot and criteria for obtaining a ballot is available on the Secretary of State’s website: https://portal.ct.gov/…/E…/Voter-Information/Absentee-Voting
Questions concerning the election may be directed to the following:  Town Clerk office 860.763.8207 or 8207; Registrar of Voters 860.763.8211

Judge of Probate

The November, 2018 ballot will contain two (2) columns for the election of a Probate Judge.  The first will read ‘Judge of Probate’ Vote for One — this is to fill the full-term beginning in January, 2019 – January, 2023.  The second will read ‘Judge of Probate to Fill Vacancy’ Vote for One — State Statute requires that all Probate Judges vacate their position upon reaching the age of 70.  The position became vacant mid-September and is required to be filled through the end of the current term which expires in January, 2019.  A Special Election to fill the position coincided with the State Election and therefore, the two columns for a Probate Judge.

Constitutional Questions

The ballot for November 6, 2018 will contain two (2) Constitutional Questions.  The first question concerns an amendment  ensuring monies contained in the Special Transportation Fund are to be used solely for transportation purposes.  The second question concerns the transfer, sale or disposition of state-owned or state-controlled properties or interests in properties.  The complete explanatory text:

Question #1:   2018 Constitutional Question #1 - Spec Transportation Fund

Question #2:   2018 Constitutional Question #2 - State Owned or Controlled Prop.

Bonding Questions

  • Various School Improvements

The Town and Board of Education engaged the services of CREC and TECTON architects in 2015 -2016 to conduct a study of Somers’ public school’s facilities. The intent was to determine the extent of needed capital improvements in order to develop a fiscal plan.  A long range facilities plan was developed and approved by the Board of Education in December 2017.  The plan addresses facility issues including: safety and security, ADA compliance, structural, deferred maintenance and indoor air quality.  A listing of the proposed projects:    Somers Public Schools Proposed Projects


  • Road and Bridge Improvements

The Town proposes to undertake the reconstruction and paving of various roads listed in the pavement management study conducted for the Town by StreetScan. Use of this system and technology provides the ability to make informed data-driven repair decisions. StreetScan provided the Town with both repair suggestions along with prioritization of repair operations.  Restoration of 40 miles of main roads has been selected for this project.  Construction, drainage, bridge repair and patching activities would also be undertaken as needed. The project would span a 2-3 year period beginning in 2019.  A listing of the proposed streets:   Roads Included In Project

Charter Revision Questions

The Charter Revision Commission for the Town of Somers carefully considered the comments of citizens, research of surrounding towns, interviews, and available survey data.  The final recommendations were submitted to the Board of Selectmen for final approval with the following questions on the ballot for consideration by residents:

  1.  Shall the Town Clerk become an appointed rather than elected position?
  2. Shall the Town remain guided by an elected Board of Selectmen with an appointed Chief Administrative Officer reporting to the Board of Selectmen?
  3. Shall the town Charter be amended to remove the provision for the election of a First Selectman and Board of Selectmen and in its place provide for the biennial election of a three-member Board of Selectmen each serving a two year term, who shall select a Chairperson from among themselves?


Sample Ballot – November 06, 2018

Revised 2018 State Ballot


Explanatory Text of Bonding and Charter Revision Questions

2018 Explanatory Text of Bonding and Charter Revision Questions



The above document is a ‘sample’ of the ballot which will be utilized at the November 6, 2018 Special and State Election.  It is extremely important to understand the ballot contains two (2) pages!  Electors will be voting for a total of twelve (12) positions from Governor and Lieutenant Governor to Registrar of Voters.  The ballot will also include seven (7) questions:  two (2) Constitutional questions, two (2) Bonding questions, and three (3) Charter Revision questions.


All questions concerning the November 06, 2018 Special and State Election may be directed to the following:

Town Clerk’s Office:  860.763.8207 or 8206; alogan@somersct.gov or dmurphy@somersct.gov

Registrar of Voters:  860.763.8211; dmccaffrey@somersct.gov or rschmidt@somersct.gov








Somers Public Schools Proposed Projects
Somers Public Schools Proposed Projects
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