2020 Revaluation Mailers

The Town of Somers is embarking on a town-wide revaluation.  All residential property owners should be receiving a mailer from Vision Government Solutions, Inc. (VGSI) the week of August 19, 2019 indicating the Town’s information on your property.  Please note any incorrect information on the mailer and return them to the Assessor’s Office at either assessor@somersct.gov or fax to 860-763-8223.  They may also be mailed to the Assessor’s Office, 600 Main St., Somers, CT  06071.                                                                                                                                                                                                                        Please sign and return whether or not there are changes to you information.

VGSI will be contacting homeowners whose information is incorrect for an inspection.  VGSI will also be contacting homeowners to inspect newly purchased homes.  Correct property information is the cornerstone of a fair and equitable revaluation.  The Assessor’s Office respectfully requests all homeowners to cooperate with VGSI employees.  All employees will have proper identification.

Please contact the Assessor’s Office with any questions at 860-763-8202 or wtopliff@somersct.gov.