The COVID 19  virus has made all of us focus on how life has changed and its impact going forward. Each one of us has been affected personally, socially, culturally and in some cases financially. Social distancing, sanitary/health measures, school  and restaurant closings, potential job losses and quarantine in place have negatively impacted all of us but these measures have provided us with the opportunity to change for the better which will have lasting impact on our future lives.


The people of Somers have rallied their collective and individual support for those in need with their compassionate, benevolent and warm outreach in the spirit of community response. I trust that we can continue this community attitude and support as we adjust to the current challenges and ultimately defeat this virus.


The Town of Somers resources through its Social Services, Emergency Management, Fire/Police/ALS, Senior Center, Veterans, DPW ,and communications outreach will continue to respond in a timely manner. I encourage all citizens to avail themselves of the Town Web-site, Facebook, Twitter, CDC, Radio Station 89.7 and the State of Connecticut’s daily communiques for pertinent informational updates.

Be well, be kind, be patient, be supportive and understanding with all and I am convinced with this spirit of grace everything is possible if we stay together as a community.


C.G. Bud Knorr, Jr.

First Selectman

Town of Somers