COVID-19 Numbers as of 11/19/2020 as it relates to the Town of Somers: Total number of cases Department of Correction 281. , total number of residential cases 80, number of new cases  3. To stay informed about COVID-19 
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Conservation Commission Legal Notice

The Somers Conservation Commission, at a regular meeting on October 26, 2020, voted to approve:

  1. App #736:  236 Watchaug Road.  Dredge existing pond to maintain drainage for existing house and lawn. Heather Chase.
  2. App #737:  110 Mountain View Road.  Construction of driveway within Upland Review Area.  Chris Bores.
  3. App #738:  186 Stebbins Road.  Subdivision of property to create an additional house lot.  John E. and Dorian A. Jones.


Dated at Somers, Connecticut, this 3rd day of November 2020


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