Somers Schools COVID-19 Update 9/22/2020
COVID-19 Update (9/21/20)
I want to follow up with some more information on how we made our decisions regarding the recent closing of SES.

During a ten-day period, there were three positive cases of COVID-19 in the elementary school. On two separate occasions, this caused us to close the school and quarantine some staff and students.  Thursday, we learned of the third case and that several staff was possibly symptomatic. We decided it was necessary to close the school. As I mentioned in a previous communication, it was not an easy decision, but one we felt was the most responsible for ensuring safety in light of our information. The decision was based on guidelines from the DPH and CSDE (see link below) and consultation with the Somers Public Schools Head Nurse, our local health official from The North Central Health District, and epidemiologists from the Connecticut Department of Public Health. All were in agreement that this was the best course of action.

When deciding if somebody should be quarantined, we also use guidance from the DPH and CSDE (see link below) and consultation with the Head Nurse, local health officials from the Town of Somers and the North Central Health District. Anyone identified as a “close contact” is informed and provided with information on how to best proceed.

I hope this provides some insight.  Each case must be treated individually but not ignore past events.  It can be difficult due to several variables in each case.  That is why we utilize many resources with health backgrounds to help us make an informed decision.


Thank you.

Brian P. Czapla