Declaration of State of Emergency Preparedness

Please refer to the attached Declaration of Public Health and Civil Preparedness that is necessitated by the current and ever escalating COVID-19 virus.

Effective tomorrow March 13, 2020 the Senior Center and the Library will be closed until further notice. All Senior Center and Library personnel will report to work with their normal schedules. Town Hall will remain open for business as usual. The decision to close the schools if necessary will made by the Superintendent of Schools  Brian Czapla. All Police and Fire/Ambulance and Emergency personnel will remain in place and respond as required.

We are taking this action in order to contain any future spread of this virus. There are NO REPORTED cases of any Somers citizens testing positive for this virus and I urge all citizens to take the necessary precautionary sanitary measures . ( I.e. Washing your hands, covering sneezes, and staying home if you have a fever, cough, aches/pains, fatigue, etc. ) Please avail yourselves of the abundance information on the CDC , State, and Federal web-sites.

The current situation is moving rapidly and we will keep all citizens updated as more information becomes available.

It’s important to stay calm and cognizant of those measures that will keep you safe.


C.G. Bud Knorr, Jr.

First Selectman

Town of Somers

Declaration of Emergency Preparedness