Executive Order 9R – Tax Payment Grace Period Extended

Executive Order 9R issued on 12.16.2020 extended the grace period for the second installment of taxes without penalty until April 01, 2021 (excluding accounts that are escrowed).  There will also be no holds on accounts at the DMV for current bills until April 02, 2021.  If the first installment, due last July, has not been paid there will be a hold at DMV.  Tax statements will also be mailed in mid-February as a reminder.  Interest will be charged, after April 1st, at a rate mandated by the State of 1.5% per month or 18% per year.  Please note interest cannot be waived.  Questions may be directed to Lisa Madden 860.763.8209 or by email:  lmadden@somersct.gov