Cemetery Committee
Cemetery Committee

September 11, 2019


Wednesday September 11, 2019
6PM Lower level Conference Room
1. Call to order
2. Members present
3. Add agenda items (to new business)
4. Approval / corrections of minutes from March 2019 ((no May meeting / no quorum, no July meeting / no quorum)) March: Motion made for part D / #2. Vote results?
FYI – No January meeting / no quorum
5. Reports:
a. Finance
b. Investments
c. American Legion – report on possible change of medallion & flag posts to flat to ground style
d. Sexton – Report from March on New West Cemetery private sale of plots and burial
e. Landscaper – report on removal of large / older shrubs in Center Cemetery. Need dates for fall clean up so that work can be advertised.
5. Old Business –
A. Columbarium sub-committee report & decision on RFP. Motion needed to vote on officially accepting RFP on columbarium. (minutes show discussion/ approval of steps taken but official vote needed)
B. Sub-committee report on Rules & Regulations review & update
6. New Business
A. Todd Rolland, (DPW) requests:
1. review of Pease plantings (notes & drawings / July 2018)
2. Review of information on stone wall collapse in Old West (Package to be presented to reconstruct the damaged portion of the wall)
3. Information on spigot assessment & repairs – Center Cemetery
B. Bid package for columbarium (presentation Mike Marinaccio)
Reminder that acceptance does not have to happen at this meeting.
C. Review of changes of policies / responsibilities as presented to the committee by Mike Marinaccio via email with approval by Selectman Knorr. For discussion with the possibility of a request for a meeting with Selectman Knorr.
D. Discussion of cemetery policies published in Somers Connection without discussion within the committee and the express approval of the committee.
Additional business:
a. Consider holding 2020 meetings starting at 6:30 so that members can make it from work. Second consideration: Financial reports can be submitted in writing with questions and comments in return (by email) if necessary.
b. Discuss holding 2020 meetings on a Thursday evening so that Business & Financial representatives could still attend without having to wait after business hours.
c. For November’s meeting: Have calendar ready to discuss & approve for 2020 including a possible 6:30 start and possibility of changing the meeting day to a Thursday.
d. Additional business added from #3.
9. Adjournment
All cemetery communication will be submitted in writing and sent to the Treasurer’s office.
Next meeting is November 13, 2019, 6 PM

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