Cemetery Spec Mtg
Cemetery Spec Mtg

November 20, 2019

Somers Cemetery Committee
Special Meeting
Wednesday November 20, 2020
6:30 PM Town Hall lower meeting room
1. Call to order
2. Members present
3. Add agenda items to new business
4. Correction if any to prior meeting minutes : September 11th, October 15th vendor
presentation’s vote (no cumulative minutes) As this is a special meeting no minutes
can be approved.
5. Reports:
a. Finance
b. Investments
c. American Legion
d. Sexton
e. Landscaper – shrub removal, fall clean up
f. DPW – tree planting report (email response is permissible)
6. Old Business –
a. Report on up-righted stone (New West)
b. Report on Urn left at Center Cemetery
c. Report from sub-committee on review & update of rules & regulations
7. New Business
a. Discussion of requesting Grever & Ward Cemetery Architects of Center Cemetery
1. Review the present cemetery condition (plantings) and advise on any
changes that might be necessary to affect an improvement in walkability and
visual comfort.
2. Design a plan for placement of a series of columbaria to cover not just the
present purchase but those to come in the future.
b. Discuss rules for face plates (inscriptions, fonts, information standards)
c. Discuss date of presentation to the public
d. Discuss pricing
e. Discuss date on which sales may be initiated
f. Discuss payment to vendor to cover costs from purchase
8. Construct calendar for 2020 – a. change of day. b. change of time from 6 to 6:30
9. Adjournment:
Meeting minutes are not considered approved until voted upon at the next regularly
scheduled meeting

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