Advisory Committee for Seniors

The Advisory Committee for Seniors is responsible for:

  1. Addressing senior issues, establishing and managing identified programs that are mandated by the state and local authorities.
  2. Providing input and suggestions for the annual budget and submitting compiled information to the Director of Human Services who then presents the budget to the board of selectmen who in turn present it to the board of finance.

This committee is comprised of nine members who are appointed by the board of selectmen all of whom serve a one year term. They have the powers and duties of advisory committees as prescribed by the board of selectmen.

The municipal agent is a member and chairman of this committee. Other members include a representative of the Senior Club, one from each public housing site for the elderly, one from a senior drop-in center and three representatives from different geographical locations of Somers.

Advisory Committee for Seniors

9 Members/1Year Term

Matthew Cox- Director January 02, 2024
Patricia M. Bachetti- Vice Chairman December 22, 2024
Eileen Fedorowich December 22, 2024
Phyllis Gwilliam December 22, 2024
Ailene Henry December 22, 2024
Carol Sarrantonio- Secretary December 22, 2024
Joan Sizer December 22, 2024
Tina Toohey December 22, 2024
John Kelleher December 22, 2024

Agendas & Minutes