Registrars of Voters



The Secretary of the State and the Registrar of Voters, as election officials, know that running a smooth election depends on being well-prepared.  We want to help voters be prepared.  Register to vote in advance or update your information with a new address, for example, can minimize confusion on Election Day.  Online Voter Registration is a convenient service, especially during times of peak interest.

Online Voter Registration Link

Voters are also encouraged to use the Secretary of the State’s ‘Voter Lookup Tool’.  This tool allows a voter to look up their own information.  They can confirm that their address on file is current as well as their party affiliation.  It will be especially helpful in the Presidential and State Primaries because Connecticut only allows enrolled members of the major parties to vote in those elections.

Voter LookUp Tool

The Registrars of Voters are elected for two-year terms at each biennial election.  Each represents a major political party (one Democrat, one Republican).

The primary tasks of the registrars of voters are to encourage every eligible voter to register, every registered voter to vote, and to make sure that every vote is counted accurately. The registrars of voters also conduct elections and tally the votes.

If you have a question for the Somers Registrar, or you are interested in learning how to become a poll worker at the Somers Elections, please send us an email to:

Registrars: Term Expires:
Robert Schmidt, Registrar

Gloriajean Scheiber, Deputy Registrar

Hours:  Wednesday 9:00 – Noon


January 2023
David McCaffrey, Registrar

Lucille Furey, Deputy Registrar

Hours:  Monday 12:00 Noon – 3:00 pm


January 2023

Inquiries may also be made to the Town Clerk’s Office during normal business hours at the following:  860.763.8207 or 860.763.8206.