Highway Division

The Highway Division is responsible for maintaining approximately 90 miles of roadway, 35 miles of drainage, 1800 catch basins, town-owned detention ponds and waterways, guide rail as well as parking lots and roadways of Town Hall, Kibbe Fuller, Senior Center, all Cemeteries, Police Station, Fire Station, Library, Field Road Park, Transfer Station, Public Works facility and Sewer Treatment plant.


Monday – Friday: 7:00 am – 3:30 pm

State Roadways

Roadways classified as ‘State’ Roads within Somers include the following:

  • Main Street — Conn Rt. 190
  • Springfield Road — Conn Rt. 83 North of Main Street
  • South Road — Conn Rt. 83 South of Main Street
  • Hall Hill Road — Conn Rt. 186
  • Turnpike Road — Conn Rt. 525
  • Bilton Road from the Prison entrance to the Enfield Line — Conn Rt. 404

All State Road maintenance requests are directed to the following site:  http://www.dotdata.ct.gov/contacts/ContactUs.aspx

Snow Removal Guide

A policy has been developed for the safe, effective and timely removal of snow from roadways and sidewalks.  All residents are encouraged to read the guide and any questions are to be directed to Public Works Personnel.  Specifically, Todd Rolland, Director of Public Works or Paula LaFrance, DPW Administrative Assistant.

Winter Operations Guide
Sidewalk Snow Removal Ordinance

Todd Rolland Director of Public Works (860) 763-8238 trolland@somersct.gov
Paula LaFrance DPW Administrative Asst. (860) 763-8234 publicworks@somersct.gov
William Haiko Highway Foreman (860) 763-8234 highway@somersct.gov
Dave Mikulski Fleet Services (860) 763-8234 fleet@somersct.gov

The Somers Highway Division is aligned with the Board of Selectmen

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