Cemetery Committee

2017 Cemetery Spring Clean-Up

Clean-up will begin by March 27, 2017, weather permitting.  Plot owners are requested to remove all Fall, Christmas, and other ornamentation before March 27th.  After that date, the planting and ornamentation will be discarded.  Thank you for your cooperation.

For the protection of lot owners and the Somers cemeteries as a whole.  Responsibilities are stated in the Rules and Regulations of the Town of Somers Cemetery Committee adopted January 2008.

Town of Somers Cemetery Regulations May, 2014

Cemetery Committee Members – 5 Members/4 Year Term

Carole R. Pyne December 22, 2019
Casey Biega December 22, 2020
Bonnie Kumiega December 22, 2020
Patricia Loftus December 22, 2018
David R. Morgan December 22, 2019

Agendas and Minutes

Meeting Schedule

2016 Cemetery Meeting Schedule

The staff liaison to the Commission is Michael D. Marinaccio, CFO. Mr. Marinaccio can be reached by phone (860)763-8204, fax (860)763-8228, or email mmarinaccio@somersct.gov.

This committee is aligned with the Finance/Treasury Department.