Land Use Services

Located at 600 Main Street ~ Hours:

Monday-Wednesday 8:00 am – 5:00 pm

Thursday 8:00 am – 6:30 pm

Friday – CLOSED

To schedule inspections, please contact Mary Mitta at #860-763-8213.

Todd Rolland, Director of Land Use and Public Works 860-763-8218
Glenn Setzler, Building Official 860-763-8215
Andrea Vitrano, Sanitarian 860-763-8216
Jennifer Roy, Assistant Director of Land Use/Zoning Enforcement 860-763-8220
Joanna Shapiro, Wetlands/Erosion Ctrl Agent 860-763-8221
Mary Mitta, Land Use Technician 860-763-8213
Daniel Parisi, WPCA

Zoning Regulations: ZONING REGULATIONS

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Effective August 7, 2023 the Building permit fees have increased as follows:

$40.00 for the first $1,000 in job cost

$18.00 for each additional $1,000 or portion thereof


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Workers Compenstion waiver 7b
Workers Compensation waiver 7c
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Pre-Application Review Process for Land Use applications

 The Town of Somers offers a pre-application review service for the purposes of improving communication between individuals seeking guidance on development proposals and the town. Both the town’s permit review staff and land use commissions are available to discuss prospective projects and applicable code and regulatory issues with property owners, developers and other interested parties prior to the submission of any formal application. We encourage applicants to meet with town staff as early as possible and get as much information as possible while the project is in the early planning stages.

The pre-application review process is a free and voluntary process that has been established to provide an opportunity to meet informally with staff and the Land Use commissions to offer general advice and guidance, ask questions and to receive input prior to the submission of a formal application in order to:

  • Avoid undue expense and delays caused by submitting inappropriate or incomplete submissions;
  • To clarify the town’s requirements;
  • To avoid costly reworking of subsequent submissions; and
  • To help move the project more quickly through the formal application review process.

To schedule a pre-application review meeting with the town please contact the Land Use Office at (860) 763-8220. The Land Use Office will coordinate a meeting and will provide representation from the following departments (depending upon the project) the Town Engineer, Building Official, Zoning Officer, Sanitarian, Wetlands Enforcement Official, Fire Marshal, and any other necessary or requested departments. Any comments or suggestions on a project made by town staff shall not be construed as a form of approval and shall not be binding upon the town staff or boards/commissions should a subsequent application for the property be officially filed.

In addition, interested parties may also request a pre-application review with the Planning, Zoning, and/or Conservation Commissions.

Although not required, it is strongly suggested that the following information is submitted:

  1. A pre-application review request form.
  2. A narrative of the project which describes the nature of the project, the use of the land and buildings and other matters pertinent to summarize the project and design.
  3. Conceptual site plans that provide information on the layout of the project, the location of proposed buildings, significant natural features, wetlands, watercourses, steep slopes, flood plains, landscaping, lighting and other relevant information.
  4. Any questions or issues that the applicant wants to be sure are addressed through the pre-application review.

In accordance with C.G.S. Section 7-159b, a pre-application review shall be considered only informational and advisory in nature, shall not be binding on the applicant or the commission and no development rights shall attain to the review or consideration of any proposed project. The filing of a pre-application review is not a formal development application and does not initiate the processing timeframes of the Connecticut General Statutes.