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Effective August 6, 2023 the Building permit fees have increased as follows:

$40.00 for the first $1,000 in job cost

$18.00 for each additional $1,000 or portion thereof


Monday – Wednesday: 8:00 am – 5:00 pm
Thursday: 8:00 am – 6:30 pm
Friday: Closed

Building Official 860-763-8215
Mary Mitta, Land Use Technician 860-763-8213

The building department personnel are responsible for overseeing all building construction within the Town of Somers.  The Building Official enforces the Connecticut State Building Codes and the State Statutes that regulate building construction. All records pertaining to the structures on individual properties are kept in the department. Questions concerning building additions, alterations, or renovations should be directed to the building department.

For questions about the current State of Connecticut Building Codes either contact the Building Department or the Office of the State Building Inspector.

An appeal to any decision of the Building Official may be filed with the Building Code Board of Appeals pursuant to  Connecticut General Statute 29-266.

The Permit Process

  1. Contact the Building Dept. to inquire about the permit process for your particular project.
  2. Submit Application along with plan and specifications (if required).
  3. Permit Approval can be received upon completion of the plan review or consultation with the inspector. At this time you may proceed with the project.
  4. Schedule Inspections with the building department at each phase of the project (see required inspections).
  5. Certificate of Occupancy is issued when code compliance has been determined by a final inspection.


Permit Fees: Permit fees are based on your estimated cost of construction. THE CURRENT FEE FACTOR IS $40 for the first $1000; and $18/each $1000 thereafter OF ESTIMATED COST OF CONSTRUCTION.  All costs will be rounded to the  next higher  $1000 of  cost.  All fees include the Ct State Education Surcharge of  .26 cents per $1000 of stated construction cost.

*Permits for structures including pools require:

$25 Certificate of Occupancy/Compliance fee

$50 Zoning review fee

Workers Compensation Waivers

Basement Construction Guide

Swimming pool Information:

The following is a list of typical inspections required by project type. Please note that the following list is based on the most common inspections required but may vary based on specifics of each project. If you are unsure whether a particular inspection is required, please contact the Building Official for verification. Note that the inspections below do not inspections that may be required by wetlands, zoning and town sanitarian. Please contact each office to verify

New House
1.) Footing inspection prior to concrete
2.) Foundation/ Rebar inspection prior to concrete
3.) Damp proofing
4.) Footing drain
5.) Pre slab poly vapor barrier
6.) Underslab plumbing ( DWV water pressure test required)
7.) Rough framing
8.) Ice and water and seam tape prior to roof shingles
9.) Electrical trench
10.) Rough electrical
11.) Rough plumbing ( includes DWV water pressure test and water line air test)
12.) Gas line pressure test and trench if applicable
13.) Insulation
14.) Final C/O

Interior Renovation – Residential
1.) Rough framing
2.) Rough electrical
3.) Rough plumbing ( includes DWV water pressure test and water line air test)
4.) Gas line pressure test and trench if applicable
5.) Insulation
6.) Final COC

Electrical Service Panel Upgrade
1.) Final after panel install complete. Panel cover must be off and electrician on site during inspection

Mechanical system replacement/ upgrade
1.) Final after install complete

1.) Trench if applicable
2.) Gas pressure test
3.) Final after install complete. Panel cover must be off and electrician on site during inspection. A transfer test will be performed.

Solar Installation
1.) Trench if applicable
2.) Final after installation complete. Electrician/ technician must be onsite. All boxes must be open and panel cover must be off for inspection.

Above ground pool
1.) Pool bonding
2.) Trench
3.) Final ( pool alarm and ladder must be installed)
4.) Additional inspections required if deck is attached.

Inground Pool
1.) Pool bonding
2.) Trench
3.) Patio wire mesh/ rebar bonding
4.) Trench and pressure test if pool heater installed
5.) Final ( pool/ door alarm and barrier must be installed)

Roof Replacement
1.) Ice and water and seam tape prior to shingles
2.) Final

1.) Piers/ footings prior to pouring concrete
2.) Framing inspection prior to installing decking
3.) Final



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