Animal Control


Mailing Address: 600 Main Street, Somers CT 06071

Pound Address: 111 Egypt Road, Somers, CT 06071

Eric Boucher, Animal Control Officer


Telephone: 860-763-0623
Fax: 860-763-7054

Emergency i.e., dog bite, dog hit by car, etc. Call 860.749.4955

Dog Licensing Information

Dog Licenses must be purchased when a dog reaches the age of 6 months.

When purchasing a dog license, a rabies certificate and a spayed/neutered certificate (if applicable) must be shown in order for a license to be issued. Licenses must be renewed annually within the month of June thereafter.

People moving to Somers from another Connecticut town with a current dog license can transfer the license for a fee of $ 1.00. Replacement tags for lost tags can be purchased for $ .50.

Dog License Fees

Spayed/Neutered – $8.00 Female/Male – $19.00

A late fee of $ 1.00 per month will be imposed for each dog not licensed within the month of June.

When Licensing your dog by mail, please send your check payable to the Town of Somers, the certificate of rabies and the spay/neuter certificate along with a self-addressed, stamped envelope for the return of your tags.

The Animal Control Department is responsible for the enforcement of the Connecticut State laws pertaining to animals. The Animal Control Officer investigates complaints of vicious, sick, neglected or abused animals. Complaints of dogs roaming or nuisance are also investigated. Care is provided for impounded animals at the shelter by the Animal Control Officer. Prior to adoption, all unclaimed animals are evaluated.

Adoption of a pet is $50.00, which includes a voucher from the State of Connecticut Animal Population Control Program. The voucher assists in the cost to spay/neuter the adopted animal as well as rabies vaccination. If the animal has been previously sterilized or the animal is to be adopted out of state the cost is $5.00.

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