Conservation Commission

The principal role of the Conservation Commission is to administer the Inland Wetlands and Watercourses Regulations of the Town of Somers.  In addition, the Commission serves in an advisory role to the other land-use commissions on natural resource issues.  Under the Inland Wetland and Watercourses Regulations of the Town of Somers, the Commission reviews only those activities that are likely to alter or affect wetlands and watercourses.  The Wetland Enforcement Agent may approve minor activities that are close to wetlands and watercourses but are not expected to impact any resources.

Conservation Commission Membership – 7 Members/5 Year Term

Todd Whitford December 22, 2019
Joan S. Formeister – Chairman December 22, 2019
Candace Aleks – Secretary December 22, 2021
Daniel Fraro – WPCA Rep December 22, 2021
Greg Genlot – Planning Rep December 22, 2021
W. Karl Walton – Zoning Rep December 22, 2020
Henry H. Broer December 22, 2021

Conservation Commission Alternate Members – 2 Members/1 Year Term


Staff Liaison

Joanna Shapiro

Inland Wetlands/Erosion Control Agent
600 Main Street
Somers, CT  06071

Agendas and Minutes

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