Finance & Treasury Department

Mailing Address:
600 Main Street
Somers, CT 06071
Telephone: (860) 763-8204
Fax: (860) 763-8228

The Finance & Treasury Department handles all general accounting, purchase orders, accounts receivable, accounts payable, payroll, investments, debt administration, and provides the overall management, direction, and planning of the fiscal affairs of the Town. The Finance & Treasury Department also oversees the Tax Collector and Assessor Offices and is aligned with the following Boards and Commissions: Board of Assessment Appeal; Cemetery Committee; Capital Improvement Plan; Cultural Commission; Board of Finance; and Pension Committee.

Brian Wissinger Chief Financial Officer (860) 763-8217
Michael Marinaccio Assistant Treasurer (860) 763-8204
Danielle Urbon Accountant (860) 763-8205

Town-Wide Financial Policies

Vision Statement

The Finance and Treasury Department strives for excellence in the development and implementation of innovative programs and processes while providing high quality customer service and sound financial management advice with a professional, courteous, knowledgeable, and respectful department staff.

Mission Statement

Being responsible for the overall financial management of the Town, the Finance and Treasury Department ensures that Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP) and Governmental Accounting Standards (GAS) are followed and appropriate internal controls are in place to safeguard Town assets and ensure the accuracy of its financial reporting. We develop and implement financial policies and procedures that ensure a financially strong and effective Town government along with providing guidance and assistance to maintain the financial integrity of the Town and its departments, commissions, and committees.

Value Statements

Stewardship: We practice sound financial management and are committed to ensuring the efficient and effective use of Town resources.

Integrity: We provide services in an honest, ethical, open, courteous, caring, and concerned manner, respecting all people and the free exchange of ideas.

Excellence/Quality: We are committed to achieving the highest levels of customer satisfaction. We value innovative, timely, efficient, solutions-oriented, and cost-effective services. We provide leadership in delivering proactive financial solutions and services in support of Town operations.

Employee Focus: We are committed to the success of our employees as they are our most valuable resource.

Teamwork: We value the contribution our staff makes in achieving our mission and we support and encourage teamwork and personal development to ensure a high level of competence, expertise, and satisfaction.

Communication: We communicate with our customers, partners, and internally to assure the highest levels of satisfaction. We actively seek partnerships opportunities and solicit employee and customer input and respond to their concerns.

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