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Your Tax Bill is now considered late and a penalty has been added to your bill.


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Thursday: 8:00 AM – 6:30 PM
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600 Main Street
Somers, CT 06071

Phone: (860) 763 -8210

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600 Main Street
Somers, CT 06071

Fax:(860) 763-8223

How do I found out what I paid in Town Taxes last year? Click here for Instructions


Lisa A. Madden, CCMC, Tax Collector –

Patricia Thomas, Tax Clerk

Pay Taxes Online:

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Town of Somers Residents may now review their individual tax payment history, current taxes due, or print their bill on-line. Click on the ‘Quick Link’ above identified as ‘Pay Taxes’. Follow instructions to obtain information.

Credit Card Payments:   VISA, MasterCard and Discover Cards.  There is a 3.0% convenience fee charged to you from the credit card companies.  Minimum interest charge of $3.00.

In Person:   We accept money orders, bank checks,  personal checks, major credit cards, and cash.

Online Payments:   Pay here. This method will be available year round and is live fed.

For OnLine EFT checks, the fee is only 50 cents!

There is a Return Check Fee for $20 for any Bounced Checks or EFT transactions.

What is the Criteria for a Tax Sale or Lien Assignment?

For a residential property, if you owe more than $5,000 in either Real Estate Taxes and/or $1,000 in Sewer Taxes, or are more than two years in arrears, you will be identified for a tax sale / lien assignment. If the property has already been in a Tax Sale, one (1) day delinquency will constitute enough reason to include it in the next sale.  If the property is abandoned or has no residential dwelling, and you are in arrears, you will be identified for a tax sale/ lien assignment.  Commercial properties over one year in arrears will be identified for a tax sale/ lien assignment.

Please note: The only time that the DMV notifies us of a change in the status of your motor vehicle is when you transfer a plate from one vehicle to another. In all other cases, you must bring documentation in to Walter Topliff, Jr., Assessor, in order to adjust your bill.  The date must appear on the document that this change occurred in order to credit your account properly. All changes will occur immediately upon receipt of this information and a refund form or adjusted bill will be created.  You may also fax this information to Walter Topliff, Jr. at 860-763-8228 or email it to him at:

July 1 Real Estate tax 1st installment; Personal Property tax in full; Motor Vehicle tax 1st installment *
Oct 1 WPCA Sewer tax in full
Jan 1 Real Estate tax 2nd installment; Motor Vehicle tax 2nd installment; Motor Vehicle Supplemental tax in full,only if applicable.

*Motor Vehicle tax bills over $250.00 have two installments.

Town of Somers Current Mil Rate:  27.37 effective July 1, 2018

2018 IRS Amounts
2018 IRS Amounts
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