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600 Main Street

Somers, CT  06071


Monday-Wednesday 8am-5pm

Thursday 8am-6:30pm

Friday – closed

If  you are in need of further information, please feel free to use the information listed below or follow the link to the citizen request center. Citizen Request Center / General Information Request Center.


Jennifer Roy Zoning Enforcement Officer (860)763-8220
Building Official (860)763-8215

Town of Somers Plan of Conservation and Development:

The function of the Planning & Zoning Department  is to offer advice on policy decisions, review and coordinate information for proposed physical development in Somers, and provide professional, technical, and administrative support to the Conservation, Planning, and Zoning Commissions, as well as to all other town Boards, Commissions, and staff.

The Planning & Zoning Department plays a key role in coordinating and administering the responsibilities of the town’s development and planning functions.  This multifaceted task involves the establishment and regulatory implementation of local land use goals and objectives, and the review of land use projects.  Prospective developers and landowners interested in development are encouraged to meet with Department staff to review applicable ordinances and regulations and the proper sequence for seeking development approval.  In this way, Planning & Zoning Staff may ensure quality development by balancing town goals and objectives with the rights of the individual property owners.

Link to State of CT “ECO” Site for public maps of Somers ( orthophotography,contour maps,street maps, soil maps, etc )

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Land Use Applications

Town of Somers Land Use Department Important Documents:

Subdivision Regulations

* Temporary Sign Applications can be found on the Zoning Enforcement portion of the website.

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