Ethics Commission

The Ethics Commission is empowered to investigate allegations of unethical conduct, corrupting influence, illegal activities or other behavior levied against any public official, employee or independent contractor that would reflect adversely against the Town of Somers.

The Ethics Commission is comprised of five resident electors, none of whom serve the town in any other capacity, either as an elected or appointed member of a Commission or Board nor as an employee of the town or the Somers Board of Education. All members are  appointed by majority vote of the Board of Selectmen.

Complaints may be submitted to the Commission by:

1. Being mailed in a sealed envelope to the:

Ethics Commission
Town of Somers
Main Street-Town Hall
Somers, CT 06071
c/o Town Clerk – Confidential

2. Complaints may also be submitted by hand delivery of a sealed envelope, addressed as noted above, to the Town Clerk’s Office, Ann Logan, Town Clerk 860.763.8207 or

Ethics Commission Membership

5 Members/2 Year Term

Patrick Kennedy December 22, 2019
Everett Morrill December 22, 2019
William McGurk December 22, 2019
Joel Emlen December 22, 2021
Jennifer Griger December 22, 2021

Ethics Commission Alternate Members

2 Members/2 Year Term

William Shapiro December 22, 2021

See the Code of Ethics for more information.

Agendas and Minutes