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Address:  Town of Somers, Town Clerk’s Office, 600 Main Street, Somers, CT  06071

The Town Clerk’s Office is one of service to the public with emphasis on information that is accurate, timely and provided in a courteous manner. The Town Clerk’s Office is responsible for the recording of all land records, birth, marriage and death records, maps, liquor permits, veteran discharges, assists the Registrar of Voters, issues dog licenses, marriage and sporting licenses, registers trade names, and is the repository for meeting agendas and minutes and the official keeper of the Town Seal.

Available Forms:

Marriage License Worksheet Marriage Lic Worksheet
Town Wide Tag Sale Application Town Wide Tag Sale Application Spring 2024
Town Wide Tag Sale Guidelines Town Wide Tag Sale Guidelines
Request for Certified Copy of Marriage License Marriage-Certificate-...
Request for Certified Copy of Birth Certificate Certified Birth Record Request
Request for Certified Copy of Death Certificate Certified Death Record Request
Name Change Certificate Name Change Certificate
Trade Name Certificate Trade Name Cert 2023
Dog License Application 2024 Dog License Application
Justice of the Peace Justice of the Peace List
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Land Records

The Town of Somers Land Records are currently available on-line through the RecordHub.   You may get access to indexed information and images for land records maintained by the Town Clerk’s office without traveling to each office and is open 24/7. All information found in the portal is linked directly to each Town Clerk’s recording system.

Vital Records

Marriage License 

Individuals getting married in Connecticut must obtain their marriage license no more than 65 days before the wedding date.  A license to be married must be obtained from the Town Clerk’s office in the town in which the marriage is to take place.

To Obtain a Marriage License

  • Are you getting married in Somers?  Are you getting married within 65 days?  If you answered “YES” to both of these questions, you need to obtain a marriage license at the Somers Town Clerk’s office
  • Bring photo identification and $50 (cash/check/charge)
  • Although you don’t have to appear at the same time, both the bride and groom must appear in person before the Town Clerk

After the Wedding…

  • Once the marriage ceremony takes place, the marriage officiator will submit the original license to the Somers Town Clerk/Registrar of Vital Records
  • The original license will remain on file in Somers as a permanent record
  • The marriage license becomes a vital record and is then referred to as a Marriage Certificate

Marriage Certificates

Certified copies of marriage certificates are available from the Town Clerk’s office in the Town of Occurrence, in the Connecticut town of the Bride’s residence and the Connecticut town of the Groom’s residence.

To Obtain a Certified Marriage Record

  • The fee is $20.00 per certified (raised seal) copy (cash/check/charge)
  • With proof of identification, the bride or groom may obtain a complete certified copy which would contain their Social Security numbers.  Persons other than the bride and groom may obtain a copy with the Social Security numbers redacted.
  • If bride/groom photo ID is not available, originals or photocopies of two of the following documents may be used:  Social Security card, written verification of ID from employer (on letterhead), automobile registration, copy of a utility bill showing name and address, checking account deposit slip stating name and address and voting card
  • Present request or mail to the Town of Occurrence or Town of Residence (at the time of the marriage)
  • Requests for certified copies may be made in person at the Town Clerk’s office or mailed to: Somers Town Clerk, 600 Main Street, Somers, CT  06071.

Certified Copies of Vital Record Requests

Birth Certificate Records

A copy of your birth certificate is on file in the Town Clerk’s Office of the town in which you were born, and in the town in which your mother lived at the time of your birth. You may request a certified copy either by mail or in person. To request a certified copy by mail, please complete the form or write a letter stating your name at birth, parents’ name, date of birth, and a photocopy of your driver’s license or photo identification. Your request must be accompanied by a check or money order payable to the Town of Somers.

A certified copy of a full size birth certificate is $20.00 (long form), and $15.00 for a wallet size. Birth certificates are confidential and are available to only the people listed on the request form.

Death Certificate Records

A death certificate is on file in the Town Clerk’s Office in the town where the death occurred, and where the person lived before his or her death. To request a certified copy by mail, fill out the form, or send a letter stating the name of the deceased, date of death, and a photocopy of your driver’s license or photo ID. Your request will need to be accompanied by a check or money order payable to the Town of Somers. Certified copies are $20.00 each.

Additional information may be obtained from the State of Connecticut Department of Health at the following address: Questions may also be directed to the Town Clerk’s Office by calling: 860.763.8207

Sporting Licenses

Fishing Licenses

Fishing licenses are required for anyone over the age of 16. No license is required for youth as long as they are accompanied by an adult who has a fishing license.

Hunting Licenses

Hunting licenses may be obtained if applicants have completed the conservation/firearms safety course or has been issued a hunting license within the past 5 years. Junior licenses are available, however, junior hunters must be accompanied by an adult 18 years or older who currently hold a valid hunting license. The Hunting and Fishing Guide, Anglers Guide, Boaters Guide, Sporting Licenses On-Line and Fee Schedules may be viewed at the State of Connecticut Department of Environmental Protection Site.

Free Sporting License

Free Sporting licenses are available at no charge for all Connecticut residents over the age of 65. Previous Hunting License must be presented or Certificate of Training.

Dog Licensing

All dogs 6 months and older must be licensed in the town in which they reside. All dog licenses are renewed by June 30th of each year. Effective July 1st of each year, there is a $1.00 registration surcharge for each month a dog has been unregistered. Licenses may be obtained provided a current rabies certificate is presented and a verification that you dog has been neutered or spayed, if applicable.

Dog licenses may be obtained either in person or by mail. Licensing by mail must include the required documentation, and appropriate fees. Fees as as follows: Spayed/Neutered $8.00, Non-spayed/neutered $19.00, Guide Dogs-Free, and Kennel Licenses $51.00.  Fillable Application for submission noted above

Questions concerning licensing may be directed to the Town Clerk’s Office at 860.763.8207 or to the Animal Control Officer Eric Boucher at 860.763.0623 (please leave a message). Email for Town Clerk or the Animal Control Officer

Register to Vote

Registering to vote in advance, or updating your information with a new address, for example, can minimize confusion on Election Day. Online voter registration is convenient and will help to mitigate the demand of Election Day registration in November. The ‘Voter Lookup Tool‘ will allow voters to look up their own information. Voters can confirm their address on file is current as well as their party affiliation.

A Voter Registration Form must be completed in order to vote for local, state, federal elections which would also include primaries and referenda. Voter Registration Forms may be obtained in person at the Town Clerk’s Office, or by clicking this voter registration card link, or from the Secretary of State’s website. You may register as affiliated with a political party, or as an unaffiliated voter. Unaffiliated voters can enroll in a party at any time by completing a new Voter Registration Form. Completed Registration Forms are submitted to either the Registrar of Voters or the Town Clerk’s office. The Registrar of Voters will send the applicant a confirmation letter of enrollment.

Changing parties may also be accomplished by submitted a new, completed Voter Registration Form. Changing from an unaffiliated voter to a registered party takes effect immediately. Changing from one registered party to another may result in the loss of rights in all parties for 3 months.

Residents can also now utilize the new CT Online Voter Registration System. To utilize the system, a resident must hold a valid Connecticut driver’s license or other DMV-issued ID. The person enters his or her information into an online form, which is then emailed to the registrar of voters. People can use the system to apply to register as voters, or if they’re already registered to vote, they can change their registration information. The registrar of voters will verify all information before adding the new voter (or updated information about an existing voter) into the online database of the Connecticut Voter Registrations System. The new system was created as a result of a 2012 law. Under the system, a new voter registering online adds his or her electronic signature – on file with the DMV – to the online voter registration form that he or she fills out. The signature attests that all of the information in the registration form is true and accurate. The deadline for online voter registration is:

The online voter registration system can be accessed at:

Voting in Primaries

Primaries in Connecticut are segregated by political party. Although enrollment in a political party is optional when you register, only enrolled members of a party are eligible to vote in a primary for that party. Unaffiliated voters can enroll in a party at any time by completing a new Voter Registration Form.

Absentee Voting Information

You, as a registered voter, may cast a vote using an absentee ballot only if you are unable to appear in person at the polling place on the day of an Election or a Primary. Specific criteria, in order to be eligible to vote by absentee ballot, is explained on the ballot itself.

Absentee Ballot Process — Primary or Elections

Absentee Ballot Applications are available to voters who are unable to vote in person on the day of election. Absentee Ballots Applications can be obtained in the Town Clerk’s Office, by clicking the‘ /], or from the Secretary of State’s website. The completed application must be returned to the Town Clerk’s Office either by mail or in person. The law allows for assistance in filling out your application provided that person completes the ‘Declaration of person providing assistance’ sections located at the bottom of the application. When your application is fully completed, dated, and signed, submit in person ro by mail to: Town of Somers Town Clerk, 600 Main Street, Somers, CT 06071. You may hand deliver your completed application and receive your ballot immediately. Questions concerning absentee ballots may be directed to the Town Clerk’s Office at 860.763.8207 or by email:

Absentee Ballot Process – Referendum

Trade Name Certificate

State of Connecticut General Statute Section 35-1(a) requires any person doing business in Connecticut, except as provided by statute, under any name other than the name of the person or persons conducting or transacting business, must register a Trade Name Certificate with the Town Clerk’s office in the town where the business is or is to be conducted or transacted.  The filing fee for a Trade Name Certificate is $10.00.

In addition, the State of Connecticut has a few websites to help new and already established businesses get answers and information regarding starting or expanding their businesses.

Reproduction of the Town Seal

Please be advised that permission is required to reproduce the Town Seal of Somers under Section 7-101 of the Connecticut General Statutes:

  • Sec. 7-101. Town seal. Each town shall provide itself with a seal with the name of the town and the state… The town clerk shall have custody of such seal.

Use of Town Seal Policy & Procedure

Pursuant to Sec 7-101 of the CT General Statutes the Town Clerk is the custodian of the Town Seal. Accordingly, the following policy and procedure is hereby established for use of the Town Seal.

Use of the Town Seal is restricted to official town business. Examples of accepted use include, but are not limited to:

  • Certified Copies
  • Proclamations / Awards
  • Town Contracts
  • Letterhead / Envelopes
  • Town Website Logo
  • Town-Sponsored Clothing or Memorabilia
    • Shirts
    • Hats
    • Key rings
    • Pins
  • Town-Owned Equipment
  • Decals on Town Vehicles

The Town Seal may not be used by private companies or organizations.

Town Seal Use Procedure

All requests for use of the Town Seal must be submitted in writing to the Town Clerk for review.

Misc. Documents

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