CERT (Community Emergency Response Team)

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September is the peak of Hurricane Season — Are You Prepared?  The Federal Emergency Management Agency for the State of Connecticut produces a multitude of informational documents for citizens.  Emergency preparedness, be it human or animal, is the best means of surviving a major disaster.  Take a moment to explore the many ‘checklists’ available to citizens in order to be ‘Prepared’.


Welcome to Somers CERT!

  • Are you interested in helping out your community?
  • Are you looking to become more prepared for emergencies?
  • Are you interested in learning more about hazards that are most likely to affect your home, workplace or neighborhood?

Questions: Please contact Karen Hocking at: somersct.cert@gmail.com

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CERT Training takes approximately 20 hours to complete and will provide critical skills in emergency preparedness and response.

What is a CERT Team and what do they do?

The Somers CERT Team is a community response team whose goal is to help the community. During an emergency, under the direction of emergency responders, CERT teams help provide critical support by giving immediate assistance to victims, providing damage assessment information, and organizing other volunteers at a disaster site. Volunteers trained in CERT also offer a potential workforce for performing duties such as shelter support, crowd control, and evacuation. The role of a CERT volunteer is to help others until trained emergency personnel arrive.

CERT Training takes 20 hours to complete and provides critical skills in emergency preparedness and response. Participants in the training will learn how to:

  • identify and anticipate hazards
  • learn how to reduce hazards at home and at work
  • assist emergency responders
  • conduct light search and rescue
  • set up medical treatment areas
  • help reduce survivor stress

CERT Training is for many types of people including but not limited to:

  • People interested in taking an active role in hometown preparedness
  • Neighborhood Watch Groups
  • Community leaders
  • Parents
  • Teachers/Administrators
  • Members of various organizations

For more information about CERT and how to get involved and prepare our community; visit www.citizencorps.gov