Become a Member

Can you imagine the sense of pride you would feel after saving someone from a medical emergency? Or cutting the roof off of a car to rescue someone trapped after a motor vehicle accident? Can you picture yourself with the confidence to climb a ladder and enter a burning building through a second or third story window? Do you crave the self-respect that comes from helping an elderly resident change their smoke detector battery? Or teaching school children how to Stop, Drop, and Roll?

If any of this sounds interesting, the Somers Fire Department is for you! 

The Somers Fire Department is made up of approximately 70 selfless and dedicated individuals who are committed to the Department’s mission to develop, organize, and manage effective Fire and Emergency Medical Services that minimize the impact of emergencies on life and property within the Town of Somers. These members are part of four distinct and important divisions that make up the Somers Fire Department team – they are:

  • Fire
  • EMS
  • Career Staff (provide Fire and EMS coverage from 12:00 a.m.-6:00 p.m., Monday Through Friday, as well as one Firefighter/Paramedic always on duty 24/7)
  • Auxiliary

Career staff and the volunteer members who make up the other three divisions work together to provide round-the-clock response services. And, we can always use more help.

All members of the Department are professionally trained and invest countless hours in the community – through training and call response. Volunteer members may choose to join one or more divisions of the Department; they must meet the requirements of each division to remain a member in good standing. The Somers Fire Department also has a junior membership – the Cadet Program – for teens age 15 and up.