Bingo Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Bingo Questions:

Q: Why does the Somers Fire Department do Fundraisers?

A: Fundraisers help raise money for the cost of equipment and uniforms for the volunteers and the department, that are not covered by the Town Budget.

Q: What is the cost of Bingo?

A: $20 for 1 book of 20 games. Bingo will be played in a series of 20 games throughout the night. The Book of 20 Bingo Sheets cost $20. This breaks down to $1 per game. You are welcome to purchase more than 1 book if you wish for $20/per book. Initial Admission of $20 is due upon entry to the Bingo Room and includes 1 Bingo Book.

Q: Do I have to play all 20 Games?

A: You can play as many games as you would like. However, there will not be a refund for any un-played games.

Q: Can I hold seats for family and friends to join later?

A: Admission is first come first serve. If we sell out before they arrive, we cannot guarantee them a seat.

Q: Do I need to bring my own cards or dauber?

A: You are encouraged to bring your own Dauber. There will be daubers available for purchase if you do no have one. No Outside Bingo Cards will be accepted. The $20 Admission includes 1 book of Bingo Sheets which would be good for 20 games. Additional booklets available for purchase.

Q: Can children play Bingo?

A: Yes, children of all ages can play bingo under CT State Law, {CT State Law 2001-R-0477}. However, if we are at max capacity, seats are only for playing occupants. If the child is in attendance and not playing, they may be required to share seats.

Q: When does Bingo Begin?

A: Bingo is anticipated to begin 30 minutes after the doors open depending on crowd/admissions.

Q: Is there Parking?

A: Yes. Parking will be available.

Q: Will food be available at Bingo?

A: Yes, food and drink will be available for additional cost through Sonny’s Place. No outside food or beverages will be permitted.

Q: Why did you choose Casino Style Bingo?

A: Because “you” the Bingo World asked for it, and we listened.


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