COVID-19 Numbers as of 11/19/2020 as it relates to the Town of Somers: Total number of cases Department of Correction 281. , total number of residential cases 80, number of new cases  3. To stay informed about COVID-19 
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Department Structure


Name Rank Radio Designation
John Roache Chief Car 46
Keith Allard Deputy Chief Car 146
Greg Smith Deputy Chief Car 246
Gary Schiessl Assistant Chief Car 346
Steve Hawkins Captain Car 446
Rob Kozaczka Captain Car 546
Josh Marquardt Captain Car 646
Glen Reynolds Captain Portable 146
Jessica Corbett Lieutenant Car 746
Shawn Marquardt Lieutenant Car 846
Bob Wheeler Lieutenant Portable 246


Fire Ambulance Auxiliary
President Keith Burger Gina VanWingerden Kathy Schiessl
Vice President Gary Schiessl Amanda Govine Cindy Reynolds
Secretary Deb McDonald
Recording Secretary Matt Moylan Cayla Rossini
Corresponding Secretary Pat Loftus Jess Diamond
Treasurer Keith Allard Marybeth Marquardt Cathi Smith
Trustees Josh Marquardt Shaun Marquardt
Trustees Pete DeBrino Jen Raimondo


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